FTP Changes

Created: 2022-02-07 18:44:00 | Updated: 2022-02-07 18:44:00

CHAIN infrastructure and policy changes have caused the following changes to CHAIN Data Access.
The changes below are to take effect immediately.

Your current access will remain in place until 2022-02-28
- User accounts will no longer be required to access CHAIN data
- User accounts and passwords will be deleted as of 2022-02-28
- Names and URLs of our systems will be changing

New FTP instructions
- Access is by anonymous ftp ONLY
- Use server name: ftp.chain-project.net
- Username: ftp
- Password: Your email address
- Preferably, your institutional email address.
- Invalid email addresses will be blocked.

The paths to data will remain the same.

Please ensure you are still following the CHAIN Data Policy
- see http://www.chain-project.net/chain/pages/rules

CHAIN Data Download Procuedures
- see http://www.chain-project.net/chain/pages/rules

Please monitor our website for future changes,
- see http://www.chain-project.net/